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what is the maximum age to join a football academy

Football is the most popular game in the world, clubs around the world compete to win titles and lead in leagues and matches. Football is an ideal sport to develop speed, endurance, sportsmanship, and teamwork. If we look at the history of the most prominent first-tier players around the world, we will find that they were founded in football academies, and received several trainings to reach what they are now.

What exactly is an academy?

Academies are a place where young footballers learn the skills needed to become quality players, with special training plans and a suitable environment created by clubs to develop young players. Most of the Premier League clubs in the top five European leagues have such academies.
In high-level professional clubs, their academies are subject to an audited and independent evaluation system, where the clubs are evaluated into different categories according to approved criteria, and they are given a rank from “1 to 4”, noting that “1” is the highest rank.
There are many evaluation indicators for club academies in different main areas, including: productivity rates, training facilities, training curricula, education curricula, and care areas.

Class “1” academies are called High Performance Academies, and they are boarding schools for soccer players who have the potential to become future professional soccer players. Players live, train and study at these soccer academies during the school year and receive personalized advice and guidance on the best options to play Football professionally. The education and training process in these academies is administered in the form of “courses” of one to three years, and mostly focus

Junior Football Academy

The age groups are between 16 and 22 years old, and sometimes they start from the age of fourteen.
These academies combine an intensive training program for talented and professional soccer players with the equivalent of a high school education to prepare students for college or career entry.
High-performance academies offer young footballers the opportunity to train at a high level without neglect

their education, and is dedicated to building the character of its students and educating responsible, respectful, and sociable youth. These academies also usually offer young players the best facilities and training available as well as the opportunity to play regularly with and against other top players in the region, and these factors can have a huge positive impact on the development of young footballers.
At the local level, no Saudi club owns such academies, but even at the level of the private sector, we do not have such a category of academies, even from the “2,3” categories. What we have in our clubs or even at the local level is the so-called “training centers” and does not exceed This title, and it will be mine – God willing

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