Football academies in Singapore for children 2024

What is the importance of football?

Football is one of the oldest and most popular sports in the world. Where people of all ages and groups follow the various matches, whether those that are held at the local, international or global level, or at the continental level between country teams or clubs.

The football game is played by two opposing teams, each consisting of 11 players. Each team aims to score a greater number of goals in the opponent’s goal to achieve victory within 90 minutes, divided into two halves, and there is a referee to organize the game.

Football can be learned in a simple way between relatives or friends in the neighborhood, the playgrounds designated for that, or in the school playgrounds, and it is possible to join one of the clubs that teach football.

Football is an important sport for athletes, in addition to being entertaining, as it helps to increase breathing, strengthen the muscles of the body, and obtain a strong healthy body.

It is also a community sport that requires individuals to interact with each other and understand the principle of sportsmanship.

The importance of football for public

health Football is characterized by a kind of endurance under pressure, where some players ignite the match and help each other in challenging the confrontational team in a strong way and at the highest level of intensity and intensity.

Football is characterized by the presence of cheers from the fans of either team, and these sounds help to gain energy, enthusiasm and sportsmanship among some players.

Therefore, the match is characterized by a lot of enthusiastic cheers and strong chants in order to reach the spirit of each player and caress his sportsmanship.

One of the most important benefits of playing football is that it helps you gain a very healthy weight, in addition to losing any kind of impurities that may be in the body during any period of confrontation with dirt or dust.

Football also helps in gaining a consistent body shape.

As these different activities and movements within the body increase the secretion of hormones that appear from the gland that burns fats, sugars, and most body fats.

The basics of playing soccer

You must make a diet commensurate with the fitness of your body, in addition to eating a lot of natural fruits and vegetables that have a lot of vitamins and many types of calcium.

You must drink a lot of water, which can range from 7 to 8 liters of water per day, as water helps to strengthen immunity and stimulate the body to extract impurities, germs and bacteria in the form of waste.

You should eat a lot of vegetables of all kinds, as many doctors recommend eating green vegetables such as dill, parsley, lettuce, cucumber and watercress.

Where these vegetables are characterized by containing a lot of minerals. You should also eat vegetables full of iron and calcium, such as eggplant and taro.

These vegetables help you feel strong and energetic.

In addition, it helps in the sense of fitness and a sense of agility, in addition to that these vegetables help to strengthen the muscles and increase the energy level within the body.

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