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What is the appropriate age to play football for children?

What is the appropriate age to play football? Experts, coaches, and doctors differ in determining the appropriate age for football, but on average, when a child becomes from 7 to 9 years old, he can play football easily without fear for him, because at this stage he has the ability to play football.

Parents are always hesitant and afraid for their children in choosing the appropriate age for football. The idea of ​​football. You can start making your son or daughter play football at the age of 8 years on average, because this age is when the child’s body is completed and his ability to run and play and bear injuries if that happens. Eligible to play.

Football Academy Singapore Terms and Conditions

The football academy must be taken care of and it must be increased, because the young generation, young and young, is thirsty for such academies that must be held according to special specifications.

It helps it create new generations, which is a professional preparation through which it supports football federations and other parties concerned with the game of football to expand its base and raise the level of performance in it.

Our academy works on directing and stabilizing volitional traits such as: high spirits determination loyalty enthusiasm commitment making maximum effort manly handling focus absorbing anger impulse control and other methods of education.

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