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What are the steps for establishing children to learn football

There are many basics and principles that youngsters must know when they want to learn football

Know the basic rules of the game

Youngsters must know the general rules of the game and its various sports laws such as the law of offside, seam, etc., and it is worth teaching youngsters the laws and rules that pertain to their age group and the sports league in which they play. In addition, young children should be aware of the nature and purpose of the game, as they should know that the goal of the game is to get the ball into the opposing team’s goal.

Start playing the game

Parents should start introducing their children to football by making them kick the ball at home in order to get used to the game, then they can start allowing the child to play some matches with friends in a suitable place as this will help the child to gradually get to know the game

Learn basic skills

Possessing the basic skills in football is important for the child to become a good player in football, so the little one must learn the skills of dribbling, passing and shooting balls. One of the things that can enhance such a matter is the involvement of the child in one of the football training clubs, as this It will enhance the child’s learning within a structured environment and under the supervision of a private trainer

Enhance immersion in the game

Football must become more than just training and matches in which the child participates. Rather, the matter must go beyond that for football to be a means of entertainment and enjoyment for the child, and this can be done by allowing the child to watch professional football matches and watch the senior players, which will work To enhance their ambition to be famous players, and another thing that can enhance the child’s involvement in the sport of football is to play electronic games for this game moderately, as these games enhance the child’s ability to read and understand the strategies and plans of the game

Determine the playing position

Determining the position in which the child wants to play on the field is one of the important things in teaching football to youngsters, depending on the child’s abilities and skills, as the goalkeeper must have the ability to coordinate between the hand and eyes in addition to strength, confidence and good reaction, while the defender must To be a good judge of situations, to be strong and fast, and to have a keen vision to monitor the movements of competitors. As for the attacking players, they must be fast and have great skills in shooting, decision-making, and the ability to play under pressure from the players of the opposing team.

Working in a team

Young people in football must be taught how to communicate with the players of the teams they play in, in a way that enables all team players to understand each other during the course of the match, and to know when is the right time to speed up the pace of play or calm it down, as young players can agree on a specific code To refer to the implementation of a particular strategy or plan

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