youth football camps-2024

Ways to improve your football

Warm up and increase your physical fitness
Improve your range of motion with dynamic stretching exercises
Dynamic stretching exercises such as impulsive walking and squats with weights are a great warm-up before soccer practice or total fitness training, as they increase your flexibility and range of motion in your joints.
Before performing the stretching exercises, warm up your muscles with jumping and running exercises in place, move your arms in a wide circular motion to stimulate blood flow, then do 5 minutes of kinetic stretching exercises before starting the ball or match practice

Take advantage of interval training exercises to improve your endurance
Many football players depend on running exercises to increase the strength of the heart and blood vessels. It is true that you run a lot in football matches, but the difference is that running on the field is not a regular run or from a starting point to a final point, but in return you run, stand, jog, start from stability, walk and change directions More often than not, interval training in particular is what helps your body the most to get used to this type of movement in soccer matches

Exercise is similar to the type of movement you would most likely do at soccer matches, in between games and holidays, stick to 30 minutes of exercise over 3 or 4 days of varied intensity interval training to keep your body in top shape

Try compound exercises in strength training
Compound exercises such as squats, lunges, and push-ups work on more than one joint and body group at the same time. This type of exercise distributes pressure on opposing muscle groups and thus reduces your risk of injury.

Most of the exercises are supposed to be bodyweight exercises, but use free weights for resistance exercises. Go to the gym 2 to 3 days a week during game breaks, while in the middle of the football season, just one session in the gym may suffice, but don’t push yourself Too much exercise

Move your whole body to strengthen all muscle groups, but put your main focus on your lower body and core muscles

Jump rope to improve foot speed and coordination
Alternate between two- or one-foot jumps and alternate jumps, gradually increasing your jumping speed. You don’t necessarily need a skipping rope, as you can simulate the physical movement and achieve the same benefit.
Use a heavy weight rope to build your strength and ability to balance your upper body and core muscles
Start by practicing jumping rope for 15 minutes 3 or 4 days a week gradually work to increase the time period. You can also add jumping rope as part of the intermittent exercises that you perform if it is part of your training program

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