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football training Singapore : Football academies have many tasks and benefits for players, but also for children, because football is a team sport.

Every child who plays the game becomes part of something bigger than themselves and on the playground so they get every opportunity to practice verbal and nonverbal communication skills and learn how to express their opinions and support for their teammates.

As the child will learn how to work together effectively with those around them in order to become an effective and productive unit, many players will learn the most effective way to organize others using the communication skills they have been practicing while playing football.

Advantages of football academies

Only in our academy, we teach children and young people a lot about the features and methods of playing football, as we cultivate in them the spirit of cooperation and teamwork. We also raise your skills to great and high levels in the sport of football, such as..:

We offer additional training to players in addition to their club commitments.
The small group environment allows for rapid learning.
The player to coach ratio allows for more personalized coaching.
Flexibility to use sessions without the limitations of range to term commitment.
You no longer need to plan for your child’s soccer commitments.
Easy and affordable monthly payments.
A fun and safe environment for children to learn.

football academies

Physical activity is very important and it is one of the biggest advantages of enrolling your child in football academies because learning how to play football will make them physically active and it is recommended that children always participate in physical activities for at least an hour a day.

With us, only one out of every three children participates in physical activities every day and playing soccer will be an added advantage because the kids get active while having fun at the same time.

Also, your child will get to make new friends while playing soccer in the academy and this is one of the great benefits of playing soccer since soccer is a team sport.

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