How to join a football academy in Singapore

The psychological and social benefits of soccer

The psychological benefits of soccer

There are many benefits that a soccer player can obtain from a psychological point of view when playing this sport, the most prominent of which are:

Increase a person’s ability to self-discipline
Improve focus, perseverance and persistence skills
Playing football is one of the effective ways to increase one’s self-confidence and self-esteem
Football is one of the ways to help a person get rid of anxiety
It increases the person’s feeling of happiness, as exercising in the game increases the secretion of the brain’s ability to secrete chemicals that enhance the feeling of happiness and improve the general mood
It keeps the player away from any bad habits and helps him to stick to the good ones

The social benefits of soccer

There are many benefits that a soccer player can obtain from a social point of view when playing this sport, and the most prominent of these benefits are:

Formation of new social relationships
Stay in constant contact with friends by playing this game with them
Increasing the player’s ability to work within a team and enhancing his teamwork spirit
Develop social communication skills
Enhancing sportsmanship and competitive spirit among players
Develop leadership skills

The benefits of football on the financial level

Professionalizing the game of football and taking it as a profession is a source of financially rewarding income for some players, through the annual contracts that football players sign with their clubs, in addition to advertising wages and bonuses that some players receive. The appropriate wage that football players deserve is determined according to their football abilities and skills. The average annual salary of a player who plays in the major professional leagues is about $3.5 million. For some international players, the annual salary exceeds this amount many times over. For example, the Spanish club Barcelona gives its player Lionel Messi an annual salary of $9.5 million per year.

Other reasons to play football

There are many other things that may encourage one to play football, in addition to the benefits that can be obtained when playing the game, including that football is an easy game to learn, so a wide range of people can learn and practice it, in addition to that it is an easy sport to practice, as it can be played in Many places, such as backyards, in the streets, or even on the beaches, with little equipment, they only need a ball in addition to an empty space, and the sport of football can be just a hobby that people practice for entertainment, and it can be a sport in which the player is officially professional by joining a club. own clubs

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