The impact of sport on society

Sport is one of the most important physical activities that many seek to do, and perform it whenever they have the opportunity to do so, and some of them even put it at the top of the daily agenda list, because of its countless benefits accruing to them in their lives, in addition to the benefits that Sport brings to the individual himself, as there are many benefits to society as a whole, as sport is a great value that accrues to everyone with benefits that cannot be counted

The impact of sport on society

  • Strengthening relationships between members of the communitySport strengthens the relations between the members of society. Those who practice sports regularly become accustomed to meeting regularly and continuously without interruption, which strengthens the bonds of love and encounter between them, and this is sufficient to strengthen the foundations of society and strengthen them
  • Introduction to world cultures

There is no denying the fact that sport contributes greatly to the rapprochement of cultures, and the acquaintance of people with each other, as this is clearly evident in the international sports tournaments that bring together teams and players from all over the world, as each country takes advantage of such global events to introduce others to its culture. private, and in promoting them, which brings them both material and moral benefit. Sport stands against fighting and the outbreak of war between nations and peoples, and it is considered a means that expresses the desire of the people of the earth for peace to prevail among them, and for the cessation of wars and conflicts that drain their energies and shatter their dreams in an unparalleled manner.

  • Raise the productivity of the people of societyThere is no doubt that sport has a positive effect on the health of the individual, as it helps him get rid of many diseases that may affect his body, resulting from wrong nutritional and lifestyle behaviors, and from here sport has a great and effective role in improving the health of individuals, and the better the health of individuals, the better with it The performance of the members of society, and the percentage and rates of common diseases decreased among them, which reduces the volume of government spending on treating the injured, in addition to the high productivity of the individual himself in A healthy and healthy person can produce and add to his society much more than a sick person, and the movement of a healthy person is much better than the movement of a sick person, which is ultimately in the interest of society as a whole, and in the interest of the state, and therefore it affects benefit its economy. 

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