A children's football academy to make the child a professional player

The impact of football on the future of the child

There are many benefits of football that help the child build a healthy future for him. In light of the imprisonment of the phone, computer, and virtual games that destroy children, parents must take care of them and provide a suitable environment that helps the child to release his energy and provide an opportunity for daily physical activity. Outdoor activity helps children in Improve communication with others and discover their surroundings, as it enhances flexibility, motor skills, and others.

Football is one of the most important stimulating sports for the formation of a healthy body and mind for the child. Participation in a competitive match or just exchanging football with friends encourages children to go out in public nonsense and maintain their activity. Including the formation of new social relationships and make the team in one spirit and develop social communication skills and increase the endurance of the child and improve the health of the heart and blood vessels as it helps in continuous movement and combats the accumulation of deposits in the arteries and reduce blood pressure and burn excess calories and football improves muscle coordination and increases strength Bones work to increase self-confidence, self-improvement, formation of goals for the child in the future, and increase positive energy.

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