How can I join the football club?

The effect of football on the child’s weight

Did you know that sports, especially football, maintain your child’s weight? Football may be among the factors affecting the child’s weight, whether it is increased or decreased, including food and many other things, but football specifically. Did you know that it preserves the health of his child more than any other sport?

There are many, many who did not care about the health of their children, they have excess weight, and this is a big problem for them, and it causes them distress and suffocation because of the extra weight, and they wish that their body becomes graceful and perfect, whether children or even adults. By playing football, your weight and body become harmonious and ideal because football is one of the sports that Move most, if not most or all of the muscles, move most of the muscles of the body, and all of this works to make the body get rid of fat or any weight gain by itself. Among the benefits of football for children is maintaining an ideal and good weight and a body with a strong and consistent structure, and all this is reflected The child’s mood, health and psychological.

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