Learn basic football skills in Singapore

The effect of exercise on children

One of the most important and most important influences that occur on football players is that they always have a perfect body and have a high physical ability, unlike others who do not play sports.

Do you know that exercising is a cure for 14 diseases? It is not a luxury. It is necessary to protect you and your children from infection with many diseases and problems that may affect your body, including obesity, overweight and heart disease. I regret to say this.

Features of football for children

The sport of football is one of the ancient sports that is loved by many in the world and has undergone many changes and developments over the years that have made its status among the circles rise and have large numbers of fans from all over the world, and there is a set of laws that must be taken care of by the teams present in the stadium Throughout the course of the match, so that each team achieves the successes and victory that it dreamed of, and this wonderful sport can be known by reading the lines of our fruitful article.

Who invented football and in what year?

Le Football and ETF inventé of the English in the 19e century.

The first FIFA World Cup was organized in 1930 and was won by Uruguay.

What is the internal logic of soccer?

La internal logic of football according to E.

“The internal logic of the game football therefore requires players to intercept and cooperate to score a goal or retrieve the ball, based on reading/understanding the signals (the semiotic code), in order to unbalance the opponent in a volatile playing area.

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