Playing football in Singapore

The benefits of sports for children

A child’s exercise is one of the important things that accrue to the child’s health and his physical and mental development with many benefits

Caring for sports has now become a duty for every father and mother, especially because electronic games have become dominant over the children’s mind and behavior, so it is necessary to develop the child’s personality, occupy his time, and exploit the summer vacation with something else that is more fun and useful, which is exercising

  • The child’s participation in organized and team sports will enable him to increase his physical activities and social skills
  • Sport opens the child’s mind, develops his perceptions, and helps him organize time
  • The sport played by the child must be appropriate to his age, interests and skills

The importance of sports for benefits

  • It makes the body strong and healthy permanently by developing and strengthening muscles
  • The child learned to organize his time and organize his behavior
  • Playing and sports make the child empty his excess charges, and the desire for violence decreases inside him
  • When a child plays sports and strives to win, he feels confident in himself and in his abilities
  • Sport helps the child to develop his leadership skills and encourage him to make sound decisions on his own
  • You will teach the child how, with training, he can reach what he wants to achieve and set his goals

The effect of sports on the health of the child

  • The child’s practice of sports increases his flexibility and agility and reduces the child’s obesity and the accompanying diseases
  • Sports for children helps protect the child from the risks of diseases such as heart disease and diabetes
  • Exercising your child will help him stay healthy throughout his life
  • A child who exercises will become more aware of the types of healthy foods that he should eat
  • Avoid harmful foods, especially prepared foods that contain high amounts of fat

Strengthening community spirit

  • Sport develops the child’s spirit of cooperation, participation, and teamwork, which will inevitably make the child cooperative at home and with his siblings
  • The child learns the ability to socialize with people, which is the opposite of what modern technology does.
  • A child’s exercise increases his self-confidence and also teaches him how to work within a team.
  • Sport teaches the child that he is a member of a team that works within the group and that without him he cannot win

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