The benefits of football to protect the child from diseases

Did you know that football protects 70% of children who play football, it protects them from diseases and health problems that may affect them, because when the cells are activated while playing football, the person is at the maximum level of immunity, so he has immunity and physical and psychological toughness towards any problems that may affect him, so he becomes He is less susceptible to diseases than not, so sports protects the child from having health problems, diseases, or things that may affect him, so these diseases affect those who do not play football more than those who play it.

The benefits of football to protect the child from diseases

It acts as a guard and preventer of any disease, and of course it cannot be guaranteed that sport will make a person not get sick or have a health problem, but it reduces the incidence of problems and their complications. The athletic body that plays football is difficult to be penetrated by viruses or before there was an infection or If there is a colleague or friend who has a certain health problem, then it becomes difficult to transmit the infection, and not only on the issue of the body but also the psychological. Football has a higher percentage of happiness than others who do not play football.

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