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The benefits of exercise for the mind

How does exercise affect the mind?

Exercise causes the secretion of certain substances in the nervous system called neurotransmitters, and some of these transmitters may contribute to improving mental health and a sense of happiness, such as endorphins and dopamine, Exercise also affects the levels of other chemicals present in the brain, including stress hormones

What are the benefits of sports for the mind?

Exercise contributes to providing many benefits to mental and mental health

  • Reducing stress

Sports may help a person get rid of tension and pressures surrounding him by reducing levels of stress hormones such as cortisol, and improving mood due to endorphins that are also secreted

  • Distracting thinking about negative things

Sports can distract the mind from negative thoughts by paying attention to the exercises themselves, or entering a state of complete relaxation

  • Enhancing self-confidence

Sport may enhance a person’s self-confidence, due to its physical effects through weight loss and body tightening, which improves a person’s appearance, and thus improves his mood and self-confidence

  • Enhancing social relationships

Exercising may contribute to getting to know others, or even just simple interaction with them, such as saying hello or smiling, and this may help improve mood

  • Reducing anxiety and depression

Sport may contribute to relieving symptoms of depression and anxiety due to its release of endorphins, and in some cases of mild depression, doctors may resort to exercising without using medical treatment to try to get rid of it in this way alone

  • Improving sleep quality

Sport may help you sleep better by providing soothing properties on the body, and it may also contribute to regulating the biological clock of a person responsible for feeling tired and sleepy, or alertness and activity.

  • Strengthening the brain

Sport may contribute to strengthening memory and improving mental performance, and it may also reduce brain deterioration and memory loss associated with aging.



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