sports birthday party Singapore

sports birthday party Singapore

In recent years, children’s sports parties have become the new trend in birthday celebrations in Singapore. Blending fun, action and learning, the Birthday Party Sports Academy offers a unique experience for children and families.

sports birthday party Singapore

What makes the Sports Academy special for holiday parties?

  • Focus on sporting activities: The academy is distinguished by offering a variety of exciting sporting activities that attract children and youth. It reflects the party spirit and fun and encourages active participation.
  • Qualified trainers: The academy employs professional and qualified trainers with high training skills. These coaches have the ability to motivate children and enhance their sports skills in an innovative and fun way.
  • Creative release: The academy allows children to express their creativity through sports activities. It encourages the development of new skills and the discovery of hidden talents in children.
  • Educational experience: The academy provides an enjoyable educational opportunity that combines entertainment and learning. It teaches children new skills and sporting values ​​such as teamwork, discipline and motivation.

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Sports birthday party Singapore price:

The price of sports birthday parties in Singapore varies from one academy to another due to several factors, the most notable of which are:

  • Group size and number of children: The price of birthday parties usually depends on the number of children participating in the event. The more children there are, the greater the costs associated with preparation, organization and materials used, which can increase the price of the party.
  • Activities and Facilities Provided: Sports birthday party costs can vary based on the type of activities and facilities provided.
  • Date and Time: Prices can vary depending on the date and time the party is being organised. For example, prices may be different on weekends or peak periods compared to normal weekdays.


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