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Soccer clubs in Singapore : The world is living in the modern era in recent years, many variables and administrative challenges, where progress and excellence from one person to another in the administrative field has become the influential and decisive work in the development and progress of aspects of life.

Therefore, the importance of academies emerged as a specialized basis on which the development of football depends, on a global level, as football academies help to discover talents and build their personality because they are the foundations of the sports construction of football and the real factory for players.

In our time, football academies are one of the most important foundations of sports construction and have become of great importance and fruitfulness because they help discover talents and develop them correctly, as training is carried out according to sound standards and correct scientific methods for players.

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Most of the football talents are now buried because they have not yet been discovered by the coaches and sports administrators, as most of the problems experienced by professionalism in football are due to the administrative aspect, because as officials in the sports field when he walked the path of professionalism, we took the financial reasons.

The plans and strategies that are developed in the development of football have taken various forms and are understandable among the concepts that must be established with officials and decision-makers in this field in order to make real and professional football.

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After the development of football in the past years and the progress of tactical thinking, especially physical, football academies in many sports organizations in the countries of the world have a special interest in discovering talents, training them physically and intellectually, and exporting them to clubs.

Football academies and football schools are considered the main objective of discovering football players and talents and helping them to develop, train and rehabilitate them from a young age and work on strengthening their physical body and physical strength to conform to the modern style of play.

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