The importance of football academies for children

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singapore football club academy : the academies play a very big role in the development of world football as well as nurture talents with the skills required in the world of football because they work on developing players to become professional players.

Where the success of the academies and their marketing depends on having a clear and written vision that resembles a dream. It also focuses on the distant future of the players and motivates coaches to achieve the goals for which the academy was established.

The training part related to the skills and plans owned by our trainers is the major competitive advantage that attracts talents to the academy, in addition to other equipment such as stadiums, training halls, and others.

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Academies and schools consider the vast majority that their duty is to develop and develop the player’s technical skills, but in fact, developing and developing the player’s technical skills is part of other very important parts that help develop this player and is considered the difference between training in a club or in an academy.

In order to reach our goals in the nearest way, we must give the opportunity to all young trainees in order to enable them to develop their sports and cultural skills and in order to reach the highest levels and the most important thing that must be available..:

Raising young people to love sports and to have a high level in specialized sports is one of the basic needs of the player.
Forming and upgrading the player’s motives and tendencies in a way that primarily aims to serve his family, community and country.
Raising and developing good traits such as patriotism, sportsmanship and sportsmanship.

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