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Physical benefits of soccer

Increase bone strength

The sport of football is one of the games that have a major role in increasing the strength and density of the bones of the player’s body, especially the legs, and produces such a benefit through that the player must carry his weight throughout the period of the match, which extends for ninety minutes, as the exercise of carrying the player’s weight increases the bone mass so that It becomes stronger and has a greater thickness, and this is reflected in the future health of the player, especially in the advanced times of his life.

Improve the health of the circulatory system

Improving the health of the heart and blood vessels is one of the most important things that can be obtained through the practice of football, where the player runs for long distances during the match, ranging from 8 to 11 kilometers during the entire period of the match, and this matter would reduce blood pressure and burn calories, which is reflected On the general health of the heart and blood vessels

Improve respiratory health

The football game requires walking and running for a long period of time, which may continue throughout the match, and this would increase the efficiency of the player’s respiratory system, enabling him to move from walking to jogging without fatigue. This matter is reflected in the increase in the strength of the lungs and heart in pumping blood and oxygen to the muscles. different body

Reducing body fat

Football practice reduces the amount of fat in the player’s body and compensates for it by building muscle mass in various parts of the body. Football practice has proven to be more efficient in burning calories than regular exercise. This is due to the players using multiple forms of movement and exerting effort and energy during the match.

Increased muscle strength

The practice of football contributes to increasing the muscle strength of different parts of the muscle masses present in the player’s body, including the lower part of the body’s muscles, which are important in shooting, jumping, and other skills that need the strength of the muscles of the legs. It also increases the strength of the muscles of the upper body, which are used In the process of confronting the players of the opposing team and repelling them to keep the ball

Increase eye-foot coordination

Playing soccer increases the player’s ability to coordinate between his eyesight and his motor abilities, as the game of soccer requires performing many movements and skills that need coordination between the player’s feet and his eyes, such as dribbling, passing, or even shooting balls through the player’s feet or through his head. These skills are useful to the player on his personal level and not just on the game level

Increase brain capabilities

Playing the game of football enhances the player’s brain capabilities, which is represented by focus and the ability to make decisions quickly according to what is happening on the field, in addition to improving the players’ ability to make appropriate decisions by positioning correctly and taking a suitable place that allows the ball to be delivered to the player or makes him able to Avoid the attacks of the opposing team players

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