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Other ways to improve your soccer game

Develop your awareness of playing styles
Watch professional and international football matches
Closely study the style of play of the great players, both contemporary and old, local and international, and analyze how to control the ball and how the team gets to the opponent’s goal. Think about how you can use those same methods and simulate them in your own way of playing

Watch football matches for teams in various styles and methods, and on many local and international levels. Teams and teams. Teams with big money and mid-table teams in Arab leagues. Don’t just watch the matches of your favorite team. It may be useful to track how one team plays against different competitors, trying to discover how the team changes. of his style in accordance with the strengths and weaknesses of the competitor
Watch recorded matches of weak teams who manage to defeat higher level teams to learn more about soccer tactics and tactics

Use the entire width of the court in attacking situations
When your team has possession of the ball, you and your team spread out across the field to help break up opposition defenses and create space and scoring opportunities. Keep circulating the ball with short and long passing and off-the-ball movement

Narrow distances to defend the whole team as one block
At the time of the opponent’s possession of the ball, follow a different playing style than the aforementioned in the attack, you and your colleagues move towards the middle of the field close to your goal, and they all move as one block with narrowing distances to make it difficult for the opponent’s task to penetrate and reach your goal
The opponent’s attackers will try to widen the field, but keep your and your teammates close together, especially at the time of passing the ball to the players on the outskirts. When passing the ball to the right wing, for example, the whole team must move as one block towards the right part of the field

Apply the basic plan of the team in most cases
The coach will determine a basic plan for the team. You and your teammates stick to this plan. Most of the time, unless you receive different instructions, stick to this plan as a basic situation, regardless of the style and skills of the opponent.
The coach chooses the basic plan for the team in a way that maximizes your strengths and reduces your weaknesses. If you have a specific opinion about the plan, talk to your coach first and suggest that to your teammates.
Listen carefully to the coach to know your role on the field within the team’s plan, especially in the event that you move to a different position on the field

Study the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses
Before each match, you must develop a plan for your team that works to limit the opponent’s strengths and exploit their weaknesses. Study well the opposing team’s plan and work with your team to confront them as a team and not just worry about the individual skills of certain players
Learn how the opponent plays in different situations, to be able to anticipate what will happen on the field over the course of the match as a whole

Communicate well with your teammates on the field
Be in constant communication with the players of your team on the field and also listen to what is said, whether during the movement of the ball or the instructions exchanged during the stopping periods. Tell your colleague that there is pressure from the opponent that he does not see, or shout at him loudly if you are alone in an empty space without supervision. Ask for the ball if You had a good chance or told your teammate to move into an empty space to pass the ball to them in front of the goal

Communicate with your players with your body language along with your voice Move your head towards the direction you are going to pass the ball so that your teammate can anticipate where you will pass the ball
Players also communicate through the language of football. A soft pass means it’s time to cool down, while by running, shouting and powerful passes, your players may understand that you are under pressure or that you need to attack quickly.

Ways to improve your football

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