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national football academy (singapore)

National football academy (singapore) : The main goal of football academies is to provide the footballer with physical fitness and strength. The goal of physical training for players is muscular resistance, respiratory endurance, muscular ability, compatibility, balance and accuracy.

These qualities are acquired and achieved through the processes of physical training using the methods of its development. Physical fitness represents the basic base of sports performance in the field of competitive sports in general, especially football, and this makes you acquire a distinguished position.

In the modern era, football is characterized by high speed and physical strength, and this helped the spread of players on the field and their proximity to the ball throughout the playing time, as one of the most important requirements of the football game is to run throughout the match and get the ball without losing it.

Football academies help players to have a good position on the field and possession of the ball and give them effort and physical strength in order to help them complete the game without feeling tired.

Football requires the player to make many different and varied movements while playing as a result of the multiplicity of basic skills and their branching, and not only this is what forces the player to make a great hard effort that lasts for 90 minutes or can increase more.

The time of the match and the large playing area all require the player to have high physical ability and the ability to face fatigue and continue to make the effort, so that the player can keep pace with the nature of modern play.

Football academies represent the preparation of the players and the player’s readiness to continue to perform the basic skills and plans, the meals of the playing centers and the manifestations of the various movements throughout the match time, and this is what makes the teams distinct over their opponents.

Where physical fitness in football is the level of competence of the player in terms of (physical abilities) necessary to carry out his sporting tasks and the player’s ability to perform physical throughout the duration of the match, and this includes (endurance, speed, strength, agility and flexibility).

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