U8 Lyon rally for 4-2 win JSSL Walcott. Hat-trick goals by Owen Dacaret and a goal by Robin Verdonk. Superb performance from the boys

Both U10 Munich and U10 Dortmund won their game in the JSSL League matchday 2. A resounding victory from the Dortmund side.

Goals from Ethan Dacaret, Ethan Mulder and Noel Hollman give U12 Amsterdam a 6-1 victory over JSSL Ozil. A brilliant performance from U12 Valencia as they beat JSSL Giroud with a massive scoreline.

ESA U14 Lisbon slipped to a 4-2 defeat against CUFA in their first game. Two goal from Russel but the team could not find more to turn the tide

ESA U16 breezes to 3-1 win over Bedok Youth Soccerites. Thanks to a brace from Ryan Lee and Keown who scored the opening goal of the match. A couple of fantastic saves made from ESA GK ( Jasper Buck ). Well done Jasper!
Man of the match: RYAN LEE

Both U12 and U14 girls won their game in the JSSL League matchday 2. U10 girls slipped to a 3 nil defeat over JSSL Stoney.

Goal from Faisal K Naplah was not enough to give U6 TOTS KICKERS a win as they lost to a better side 4-1 to JSSL Walcott.

In the ESPZEN J LEAGUE, U10 Hamburg drew both games while U10 Berlin lost. Both sets of teams showed full desire and passion throughout the matches. Heads up boys!

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