Euro Soccer Academy travelled to Johor for a couple of friendly matches to start the season.

It was a strong start with U9 winning their game 6-2. U9 is looking like a strong team as we had 5 different players score – Luka, Gavin, Adrian and the brother team of Arfan and Irfan.

U11 easily won their match, 10-2, despite the opponents scoring first. A strong showing with a lot of good passing plays and team work.

The U15 first match was a tough one. It ended as a tie 2-2. The boys played well but an unlucky penalty tied the game up.

The U13 match was difficult. We lost it 4-1. A strong opponent provided a good learning experience.

U15 won their second game. It was a tough match, especially as they played back to back but they won 2-1.

A great start to the season and thanks to Johor for hosting us!


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