The best football academy for goalkeepers

How to join a football academy?

There are many football academies in Singapore, but the best of them is Euro Soccer Academy, through which you can apply for your son to develop his physical and technical skills under the supervision of highly qualified coaches who can help your son until he becomes a professional football player.

How to join a football academy?

1 – Enrollment in football academies starting from 4 years.
2 – The participant must be medically fit to practice sports.
2- Obtaining the special form.
3- Submit the required documents.

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What are the advantages of Euro Academy in Singapore?

  • Qualified coaches: The academy provides a group of qualified and experienced coaches in football training. Coaches have knowledge and experience in teaching playing techniques and developing players’ abilities.
  • Integrated training programs: The academy offers integrated training programs aimed at improving the individual and collective skills of players. Programs include training in playing techniques, tactics, physical fitness, developing mental skills and adapting to playing in different conditions.
  • Professional organizational structure: The academy operates according to a professional organizational structure that aims to provide a distinguished educational experience for students. The academy provides a suitable training environment and facilities equipped with the necessary equipment to improve players’ skills.
  • Opportunities to Compete and Learn: The Academy provides opportunities for students to participate in local and international competitions and tournaments. This gives players the opportunity to learn and compete in an atmosphere that enhances their development as players.
  • A comprehensive vision for development: The academy seeks to develop players on the technical, physical and mental levels. It focuses on promoting sporting and individual values ​​such as commitment, discipline and teamwork.

How to join a football academy?


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