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How to develop your soccer game

You need to develop as a football player, to enjoy football skills, as well as a set of physical and mental skills. Your mentality on and off the field. It is not enough to focus on one of these aspects. You’ve been neglecting the exercises and getting out of shape as soon as you’ve got 10 minutes of playing, on the other hand, it would be great if you had the skill and preparation The necessary physical, but on the field you will need to implement a strong tactical game plan that highlights the strengths of your team and exploits the weaknesses of the opponent, and that you and the whole team are one hand. The idea of ​​​​football is a team game that requires that you and all your colleagues maintain the utmost concentration. Ideas to help you create a training program that combines skills on the court with game plans and improves physical fitness, awareness and mentality Football, as all of these factors come together and make you a better footballer. Maintaining a good personal hygiene regimen and sticking to a regular schedule of exercise are ways to help a footballer enjoy optimal health as an athlete and as a player participating in one of the most physically strenuous and scheduled sports. Crowded during the football season

Hone your soccer skills
Practice dribbling the ball to improve your control
You do not need a large space to implement this exercise. You will not be able to implement this skill in the matches themselves, but it is one of the ways that help you develop your control and control of the ball.
Try to hold this skill for as long as possible without the ball touching the ground and aim for a higher break

For as long as you can, set a timer on your smartphone or ask a colleague to count the number of times you dribble the ball without it falling
This exercise also helps you improve your ability to control and control the ball with your feet

Run with the ball between the cones
You can buy football practice flags or cones from any sporting goods store or online. You do not need a large stadium to perform this exercise, but it is sometimes useful to implement it in small areas. Put the cones or flags in a row and start running with the ball between them and around them without the ball touching the funnel And keep moving back and forth
Practice running with the ball indoors and in other small spaces It wouldn’t be appropriate to wear soccer shoes at home, but running in those irregular spaces poses more challenges to controlling the ball in motion and forces you to change directions and be flexible

Hit the ball at the wall to improve your first touch
Execute this exercise in front of a wall that will not be harmed by a lot of hitting the ball on it. Stand half a meter or more away from the wall and start hitting the ball with all your might into the wall, then take the necessary position immediately to receive the ball as it bounces for you to control and then shoot it again
As your skills improve, move a little further away from the wall and try to hit the ball harder and farther in the same way

Create a consistent exercise regimen
You probably train regularly with your team, but it is also important that you set yourself a regular and your own training program to work on improving your skills. Dedicate between 20 to 30 minutes of your time a day to practice certain skills from football.
Set aside at least 5 minutes at the beginning and end of your exercise session to warm up and cool down to avoid injury
Organize your training schedule to include many different exercises that develop your different soccer skills. Get inspired by your team training schedule and what you can do on your own in your private practice sessions
Practice with a close friend or neighbor who is a soccer fan or plays on the same or a different team as you

Other ways to improve your soccer game

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