Protecting the child from the risk of injuries in football

How to create a successful sports academy

The establishment of a sports academy is a smart investment idea, and it can become an idea with a great and lofty value dimension if its vision and primary goal is to work for the dreams of athletes in the region and facilitate the task of achieving their goals, and create advanced and safe spaces for them, and work to build the capabilities of every person for the sake of To become a superstar athlete, and to achieve this end, it is important to have the right sports method and successful planning. Due to our belief in the importance of building sports academies based on sound foundations,

  • A deep understanding of the world of the sports

We all know that sport has moved from just a hobby that is practiced and of interest to people around the world to an “industry” that is invested in and a source of profit, and sports academies are considered one of the best sports projects to achieve financial gain. What we mean by your deep understanding of the world of the sports industry is not the understanding that generates money for you only, but the understanding that prompts you to care about raising strong players who can compete at the international level, and taking care of the quality of what is provided to the players in your academy. Make sure that what keeps you most in the center of the sports industry is your understanding of the events The events in it and the nature and needs of the place where your academy resides, in addition to always paying attention to the quality of the above in all aspects.

  • Feasibility study and market understanding

Practically, you have to carefully study the area around you, and look for a problem, shortage, or sports need and work to solve it through your academy, and this is what makes your idea pioneering and developed, and after defining the idea clearly, you need to study the economic indicators of the target market, study its size, analyze competitors, and prepare The marketing plan, distribution, pricing and cost of the project, in addition to studying the administrative structure, project revenues and revenue forecasts for the coming years, as well as studying the project’s financial indicators and financial analysis of the project

  • Analyze and outperform your competitors

Look for your competitors of all kinds, direct, indirect, and close, and see what they have in terms of capabilities, coaches, talents, and general resources, then work after that to possess better resources and talents, study their strengths and weaknesses, and distinguish yourself from them, create a competitive advantage that fills a need for society and solves a problem, and attracts the best The coaches in the market, the most talented athletes, and the best coaching and management curricula for your academy

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