How to become a soccer player

Football is the most famous sport in the world, as well as professional players earn very high salaries in addition to the fame and enjoyment of playing football, but all this is not easy, as the players made a very great effort in the exercises until they reached this level

How to become a professional soccer player

  • Dedication to football

To become a professional soccer player, this is not an easy thing, because the levels of professional players are different from the rest of the regular players, so you must devote your time enough to divide it into various exercises so that you can develop yourself mentally and physically.

  • player age

The age of the player or the person who wants to become a football player is very important, so if you are not a football player and you want to become a professional player, you must start at a young age, and the younger your age, the better the opportunity for you. In Brazil, children are trained from The age of 5 years and teaching them the basics of football, and in general Brazil produces the best football players in the world, and as the saying goes, science in childhood is like engraving on a stone, so if your age is less than the age of 16, I see that the opportunity is still open to you

  • physique

The physical structure has a very important role to know if you are suitable for football or not, so you must first have a healthy body, also you have a good physical structure that enables you to interact with the players and be healthy in order to be able to exercise, another thing is height, it has a big role not Skilled, but in some places, such as guards and defense, it is always preferred that they be of moderate or tall height, although some of the most skilled players were short in stature, such as Pele and Maradona

How to become a soccer player

  • Fitness and flexibility

A football match is 90 minutes, so anyone who wants to join a club before joining must build a good physical fitness, as it enables him to exercise, which may reach 6 hours daily, and play a 90-minute match. It is not difficult if you have not yet joined a club. And you want to build physical fitness, so you must make a training schedule for running, where you start on the first day running a distance of 2 km, and after ten days have passed, you increase 2 km, until you are able to run for a distance of 10 km without getting tired, after that you can join a football club As for flexibility, it gives you more opportunities to move inside the field, especially when the ball is between you and another player, so you should exercise your body with simple exercises. Search for flexibility exercises on YouTube and you will find many videos that benefit you.

  • Football basics

You must train yourself on the basics that must be available in any player, which is receiving the ball, passing the ball, lifting the ball, shooting and running with the ball. These are the main basics for all players. If a player is not fluent in these basics, he will not be able to play football in a club

  • Learn to control the ball

Controlling the ball is very important so that you can run with the ball and it is one of the requirements of the player as it helps to keep the ball, as well as in dribbling and sports skills, you can acquire these skills from dribbling with other players or from learning movements and skills in dribbling with the ball, and the best solutions for that A futsal game that relies on controlling the ball and dribbling a lot

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