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how much does it cost to join a football academy : The most important characteristic of the football academies is that it follows up the trainees affiliated with it in all aspects of their lives. This broad science is the science of football to all the specialized sectors in this field, and the players of course have the loftiest in this world and these studies, and football academies and schools, and indeed sports in general, have become one of the most important foundations of the sports construction for football and for all other collective and individual games.

And it has become of great importance and fruitful because it helps to discover talents and develop them correctly, and training is carried out according to sound standards and according to scientific curricula, and as it is also one of the important windows to communicate with international clubs that prefer to cooperate with academies as they are the real factory for players, and in the whole world the academies and schools are relied upon. Football is basically and largely in the discovery of talents and the development of their levels, and it has truly become one of the most important reasons for the football development in some of the world’s advanced football countries and their reaching an advanced stage in the field of football and other fields.

How much does it cost to join a football academy

In the field of sports, which was given very great importance to this matter, as large budgets were allocated through attention to sports facilities and in the field of research related to everything that is new and modern in sports sciences. In some countries, the situation has even reached the establishment of large centers specializing in the study and development of football. And if we in the Arab world want to develop and advance in the field of sports and football in particular, and if we have an unquenchable desire to keep pace with excellence in football in other countries of the world and our desire to enter into this challenge in order to compete and excel,

We must know that the secret of excellence lies in the establishment of football schools and academies, which represent the gateway to hope and success and a strong incentive for promising talents to reach the threshold of brilliance on the continent and internationally and in a professional scientific style and not based on intellectual illusions.

The secret of real development is based on integrated processes, the most important of which is the process of selecting talents, which is carried out in a scientific manner and according to precise standards by highly qualified trainers and educators in order to be able to train players at a high level and according to international standards governed by technical and scientific controls. There will be specific goals in accordance with global visions that depend on the development of technical, skill and physical aspects as well as the educational, cultural, nutritional and health aspect, preparing the football player, preparing a physiology by adapting his vital organs to the effort exerted and the performance required during athletic performance.

As well as preparing it skillfully and tactically with an appropriate load, whether in terms of intensity or size, and that, in addition to the sports foundation, it seeks to reconcile between sports and study, so that this training culminates in a social integration of the beneficiaries at the end of the stages of their establishment.

All of these are important matters, but there are other auxiliary factors that have a special importance, which are the psychological and intellectual preparation of families, society, schools and universities, because construction does not take place through a spherical academy or a spherical school only, but all segments of society must participate in it. In this regard.

Accordingly, our focus must be on setting goals, strategies, programs and plans that achieve these goals and strategies, whether in the long, medium or short term, according to general planning to achieve comprehensive development in accordance with the goals of the state in this regard.

And in order to open the appetite of specialists and those who are keen on sports, we must mention some of what the academies and age schools have provided to their clubs and teams, and we provide samples only.

There are many world famous and famous international players who started their football life and their brilliant future by starting from football schools, and even many of them starred while he is still a player in football school tournaments or local championships for age groups, as football academies and schools have been around for a long time. To develop the skills of young players, based on its philosophy and vision for this game, and it is known that a large number of famous players today have graduated from football academies and are today playing for their national teams to embody the conviction that many young players need a real opportunity To highlight their abilities and skills.

The nearest football academy to my location

Some international clubs also rely on their football schools, or what is called in the language of the industry, their “own or local production” to keep them in the spotlight. She did this role perfectly.

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