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How do I get accepted into the Football Academy?

How do I get accepted into the Football Academy? : When you notice that your son has soccer skills or is interested in playing soccer, most families seek to enroll their children in academies, and you have the most important conditions for joining a soccer academy… :

1 – Enrollment in football academies starting from 6 years.
2 – The participant must be medically fit to practice sports.
2- Obtaining the special form.
3- Submit the required documents.

The importance of football academies

The good basis for developing the skill of any football player is to join the academies to develop his skill ability and physical structure to be able to practice football professionally and for you the most important advantages of the football academies…:

* (Discipline): The academy instills discipline in the player. This is usually beneficial in their future because we have seen lucrative player contracts terminated due to lack of discipline.

* (Providing a diet): The most important element that must be provided to the player is a good diet. The diet is the most important part in the process of caring for football players, as scientific research has witnessed the emergence of strong players who were placed in a diet that helps them grow in the right way.

* (Coach and Player Development): We provide you with distinctive pitches for the coach and players to enhance their skills in dealing with football teams where coaches are allowed the freedom to try new tactics as much as possible.

Football coaching for juniors pdf

The training of football juniors aims to prepare and prepare them in the first place properly with the foundations of professional and modern football, as our coaches seek to develop and develop their physical, biological and psychological capabilities.

The junior training stage is considered a stand-alone stage, in which the training of beginners and advanced players overlaps in order to gain the experience of adult players in order to reach the highest level of football maturity.

The importance of the academy for young people

1: The academy distinguishes youngsters to develop their skill and physical ability to make them more acceptable to their peers or even to adults, and this provides a good psychological effect for the players.

2: Creates great competitive capabilities in sports activities.

3: They are distinguished by their physical and motor abilities and skills, where physical strength plays a major factor in creating skills and the ability to continue skill development.

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