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How do I get accepted into the football academy?

How do I get accepted into the football academy? : How do I get accepted into the football academy? The academies play an effective and significant role in the development of football and nurture talents with the skills required in the world of football, and the most prominent evidence of the important roles of academies.

The success and marketing of the academies depends on having a clear, written, dream-like vision that focuses on the future and motivates trainers to achieve the goals for which the academy was established.

The training part related to the skills and plans possessed by the coach is the major competitive advantage that attracts talents to a particular academy more than the other, in addition to other facilities such as stadiums and training halls.

The more coaches available in the academy, the faster the youngsters acquire skills; When “the more eyes that monitor and analyze during and after training, the better.”

The role of football academies

Qualifying the coaches working in the field of youth, a specialized qualification that matches the stages of growth for the age groups in all football, and the increase in development day by day.
Organizing a constant annual competition for these Sunni academies and schools at the city and national levels, such as the national school courses, in order to put the players’ feet on the field.
Preparing the necessary training tools, which have special specifications that differ from adult training devices and the nutritionist, which determines the type of food that the young person should eat.
Equipping the specialist doctor who monitors the health status of the trainees within these academies, and the psychological educator who is concerned with preparing the trainees psychologically.

Academy success factors

The basic and necessary things to build these football academies and schools that must be equipped to provide the factors of success for them and not to reach failure among those factors…:

Academically qualified trainers in the field of training and education.
Players selected in a scientific way according to well-known international standards.
Parents who understand the importance of academies and their role in this system.
Providing material resources and financing.
Insightful management.
Establishing legal controls regulating the functioning and work of academies.

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