Girls Training

ESA Girls Program specifically for the youth female players 7-17 Years Old. We will focus our training, development, and evaluation of Girls on the 4 major components that make up a complete soccer player and closely monitor each player’s development.

1-Technical:A player’s individual technique and comfort level on the ball under conditions of limited time, space, and increased pressure.

2-Physica:A player’s coordination, mobility, balance, speed, endurance, and strength.

3-Tactical: A player’s ability to make proper decisions with and without the ball based on an understanding of basic attacking and defensive principles; a player’s ability to read the game properly.

4-Psychological:A player’s mindset and motivation; how a player faces problems/ pressures encountered both on and off the field of play and how the player chooses to deal with those problems/pressures.

ESA uses a comprehensive, intensive and creative methodology which engages, inspires and excites the young Girls through using all 4 major of Development. Girls of various levels will experience first-hand a system of training that will prepare them for more than just their future on competitive teams. It prepares them for an athletic lifestyle that they are proud to call their own. The time has come for young, female players to have access to the expert, motivational, and competitive training they deserve.