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Football and its impact on society

Football in our current time is not just a game, but rather it has become a profession that benefits the player or the media and even the masses through fan associations spread around the world. It is one of the sports for which some channels and newspapers were opened. Football is simple and easy to practice. Continuously in the schools and dialogues of England, and it is said that the English began to practice it during their celebration of the evacuation of the Danes from their country, and they practiced it among themselves on the heads of the dead bodies of the Danes, so it was forbidden to practice it because it is a large criminal operation and it entailed penalties, and with the passage of time they invented that round skin, which became her later Laws and the first law was established in 1865, among which football federations were founded in various countries and the International Federation of Football was established and it became a comprehensive game with its own laws, clubs and players. Looking at society, people’s opinions differ about it. Some of them care greatly about it and all its details and consider it an essential part of his life, and some He follows it non-permanently without interest in details and news. Some of them do not like it at all and consider it a waste of time. We can say that football is a double-edged sword. Either the community is affected by it positively or negatively. One of

its advantages is that it is an opportunity.A good work for many talents who want to be in the world of stardom, and it is an opportunity to spread peace and fix what is corrupted by politics and the economy, and spread love and intimacy among people, and a means of communication between peoples in the East and West, and brings together the rich and the poor, and even those who do not work in this profession, as it is a way to entertain oneself by practicing it With friends to get away from the pressures of life, and perhaps the closest example of its positive impact when we watch the competing clubs permanently before and after the match, the players shake hands with each other, whatever the result, this is considered a message It calls for sportsmanship, love and respect for others, and just as football has positives, it also has negatives resulting from the individual’s misunderstanding of it, such as intolerance to a team or a specific player and wasting more time on it, which affects the rate of production in practical life. The corruption spread among football federations in different countries, and there are many examples of the negatives, including the story of the killing of Colombian defender Escobar by fanatical fans after scoring an own goal that caused his country’s exit against the United States of America in the 1994 World Cup.But we should not look at football with one eye, as it is one of the most important sports, practice and follow-up, and a great outlet for many young people. I liked what the prominent British politician George Galloway said about football when he was asked in one of the talk shows about it and why it is not canceled because it is a waste of time and distracts people from their issues. He said ( It is not possible to imagine life without music, theatre, story or any kind of art, and I consider football as one of these arts, so I cannot imagine life without football.

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