The most famous football academies for children

Football academies pave the way for talents to stardom

Sports academies tend to pay attention to optimal sports training mentally, physically and psychologically, and focus on discovering and nurturing talent and making champions of both sexes in various sports fields as a basic pillar in a global strategy. The academies’ programs aim to develop young sports talents through sports education and training, in a privileged environment to prepare tomorrow’s champions and global sports brilliance. It presents several sports clips for children playing football, tennis and swimming, introducing its efforts in discovering, nurturing, developing and refining talents, up to the stages of competition and achievement, to create a sporting identity. This academy seeks to consolidate the desire for male and female students’ athletic success, interaction and keeping abreast of recent developments in the world of sports, and creating a new generation of future sports champions in regional, continental and international forums, bearing in mind the near perspective that has won many advanced positions.

These efforts come after a series of major sporting failures, and while those interested in sports see that the academies are part of the country’s strategies to invest in the sports field, these steps constitute efforts that society has waited for decades to create sports heroes by developing emerging talents in individual and team games in various regions, with Focusing on providing equal opportunities for both sexes, male and female, for the age group, from 6 to 12 years The most important goals of sports academies are to develop young sports talents and graduate outstanding athletes who are able to compete globally. They undertake two tasks, the first is to train students of both sexes to be champions at the local level, and the second task is to seek success at the international level in the future.
Sports academies provide high-level educational curricula, and they have turned into a destination for sports talents, which lead to raising the level of sports performance for those wishing, while at the same time providing students with distinguished training to develop their performance.
In a related context, we see that the establishment of specialized academies in sports for this young age group will be a warm home that gives them ample time to practice their skills, hone their talents, and engage in sports, educational and training activities. Sport is an integral part of growth and development, so sports talent must be detected in a variety of ways, the most important of which is scouts and conducting random tests inside clubs or academies for players, and scouts, who have a keen eye for discovering sports talent and about the appropriate age to hone talent, he explains, “The best Age is 11 years old, as the golden age for talent
The academies work to provide programs that include activities that contribute to the development of children’s sports and life abilities and skills, because they believe that a successful player is one who has a personality capable of engaging in the surrounding community and contributing to its development in all fields. The sports analyst explains the role of sports academies in revealing talent, starting with choosing a scout and submitting to criteria and indicators such as talent, revealing the family’s medical record, knowing the genetic diseases and personal characteristics of the applicant, including the psychological state, and standing on all aspects of his private and family life.

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