Are there football scouts in Singapore?



Singapore Euro Academy’s soccer program is structured across 10+ months of training and
competing. Euro Soccer long term development model spans throughout a fall and spring
season. ESA soccer players are introduced to the highest level of club league competition and
tournament play. The program is built around our Euro Soccer Academy Performance Plan,
which optimizes the development process by combining expert coaching with an annual
competition schedule that’s centered on individualized growth technically, tactically, and
personally within a world-class setting

Our Academy’s soccer program


Our Academy’s soccer program has defined age-specific workloads and training programs to
ensure that student-athletes have a clear pathway to progress through the program and
maximize their potential. Training includes team field sessions with an emphasis on decision
making and tactical game management, individual development plan sessions inclusive of video
analysis and team building / leadership, and games or scrimmages. The program has defined
concepts for attacking, defending, and transition as well as set plays and systems of play that
are executed across every team.

Throughout the program


Throughout the program, Euro soccer coaches leverage their professional and collegiate
experience and ensure that each student-athlete has the necessary tools to achieve their goals.
ESA coaches focus on developing the “competitor” through holistic training that includes
positive decision making, accountability, and a commitment to excellence. Each student-athlete
within the program is competitive and possesses key skills such as game insight and the ability
to read plays, as well as position-specific qualities

The program’s global environment prepares student-athletes for the cultural experience of
competing at the next level, whether that be in college or professionally. Student-athletes
recognize the importance of a team atmosphere and develop lasting relationships with their
teammates, coaches, teachers, and other support staff.

Student-athletes prioritize both academics and athletics as their schedule mirrors that of a
collegiate program. Soccer training includes position-specific instruction as well as team
strategies and foundational tactics, speed of play, and proactive thinking on the field. Skills such
as strength and conditioning, communication skills, and leadership are also emphasized
throughout the year to ensure maximized college recruitment opportunities

Euro soccer program and performance plan are built around periodization principles in 6-week
cycles that include the following development modules:


Individual training
Team training
Strength training
Athletic & Personal Development
Strength and Conditioning
Mental Conditioning

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