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Euro Soccer Academy has been formed to provide quality coaching and individual development for kids in Singapore.
Euro Soccer Academy is for any level of footballer (BOYS and GIRLS) who love football and has a goal of building on their current skill base and wanting to grow their knowledge of the game.
Head Coaches Ismail, Mido and Naplah create a positive and fun environment to make sure each young player can feel safe and comfortable in expressing themselves both verbally and on the pitch. Players will be asked to set goals and focus on their own development. Each player’s progress will be monitored in relation to their target goal.
Your player will need to have the motivation to learn and be challenged; the sessions will require enthusiasm and focus and agree to the ESA Code of Conduct.

Programmes will help players:

– Just starting out.
– Who wants to improve any or all of their core skill base.
– Wanting to prepare themselves for pre-season club trials with the goal to be selected or remain in the higher graded club team.
– Wanting to learn and improve themselves in a certain position in their team formation.
– Looking to prepare themselves for representative trials.

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