Just a quick update about the current haze situation. We have decided to revise our Haze policy to fall in line with most schools in Singapore as follows:

  • If the 3 hour psi haze reading (on the NEA website/app) is below 120, we will train as normal.
  • If the 3 hour psi haze reading is between 121-139, we will modify training to very low level technical work, no hard aerobic activity will be performed.
  • Between 140 – 150 and above, training will be canceled.
  • Haze updates will be posted on our Facebook page and will send messages on WhatsApp groups 1 hours prior to the start of training.

Ultimately, we as a football academy are here for the benefit and enjoyment of the kids, and parents should make their own decision as to whether to train given your child’s personal conditions. It goes without saying that every coach understands that some players may choose not to train due to the weather condition.


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