Boys Training

We will focus our training, development, and evaluation of players on the 4 major components that make up a complete soccer player and closely monitor each player’s development.
Taking in to account the LTAD stages, from 8 or 9Y of age the foundational sporting skills are introduced and developed. Players experience different positions, by rotation rather then specializing, to reduce injury and burnout.While more competitions and tournaments may be introduced, the focus remains predominantly on training.
It is only after 15 or 16 Y of age that the focus moves towards training to compete and to win. Elite athletes will now be identified and introduced into intense training suitable for international winning
A player’s individual technique and comfort level on the ball under conditions of limited time, space, and increased pressure.
• Receiving the ball
• Redirecting the ball
• Moving with the ball
• Moving without the ball
A player’s coordination, mobility, balance, speed, endurance, and strength.
A player’s ability to make proper decisions with and without the ball based on an understanding of basic attacking and defensive principles; a player’s ability to read the game properly.
A player’s mindset and motivation; how a player faces problems/ pressures encountered both on and off the field of play and how the player chooses to deal with those problems/pressures.
The best football academy in Singapore for goalkeepers 2024
The best football academy in Singapore for goalkeepers 2024


boys Training