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Best Football And Soccer Schools In Singapore For Kids

Best Football And Soccer Schools In Singapore For Kids : Several studies have revealed that the vast majority of international soccer players have participated in a soccer academy since before the age of 12. There are of course many exceptions, but the general consensus is that players should be Obsessed with football from an early age to reach football maturity.

Academies are very important as the general belief is that technical skills are best absorbed during the “golden years” – 10-12 years where the tactical question really depends on how you define tactics.

So if it includes the team tactics of individuals and understanding how to use overloads and how to work together to find a way to break lines and how to take advantage of the space created by receiving the ball between the lines then you have become a professional football player.

Adult Football Academy in Singapore

There is no escaping the fact that there are a lot of sacrifices that players and especially families have to make once they join a professional academy where training takes place several times a week and that requires the transfer of young sons through the parents.

So the clubs began to realize that producing technically excellent players is the football academies, as the clubs also need to produce strong, strong, fast and agile players and therefore the players in the academies are as fit as possible.

The number of hours of training a child in the academy

Players need to be fueled by their passion and stay motivated in being able to develop as much as possible and that means we need to get them to run after the ball in a structured training environment every day and increase the number of training hours in order to get them to the top.

It is also important to allocate time for free-play physical and mixed age as most football players come to the academy to get additional physical training in order to increase their physical ability.

Physical training is the most direct method of football training and its purpose is to build strength and enhance physical fitness to stay on the field for the full 90 minutes.

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