A children's football academy to make the child a professional player

best football academy in singapore

best football academy in singapore : the academies play a very big role in the development of world football as well as nurture talents with the skills required in the world of football because they work on developing players to become professional players.

Where the success of the academies and their marketing depends on having a clear and written vision that resembles a dream. It also focuses on the distant future of the players and motivates coaches to achieve the goals for which the academy was established.

The training part related to the skills and plans owned by our trainers is the major competitive advantage that attracts talents to the academy, in addition to other equipment such as stadiums, training halls, and others.

Features of Football Academies

Football academies are working to implant professionalism in our player since childhood by raising him this scientific upbringing in the practice of football and we are working to develop their professional abilities, whether it is for adults or children.

One of the most important features that distinguishes us is the psychological rehabilitation of the football player and teaching him psychological discipline since his childhood so that psychological factors do not affect his performance when he is old, and to preserve the good moral traits, to behave in an athletic manner, and to enjoy the sportsmanship inside and outside the stadiums.

And we are working to establish the concept of academic qualification and academic excellence and to eliminate the phenomenon of ignorance of players, and many of our players do not have any academic qualifications, as well as clarifying the importance of school lessons and good memorization methods.

The nearest football academy to my location

The academies care about their players as the major clubs do in terms of training and guiding them to proper nutrition that helps build their bodies and reminding them to stay away from staying up late or arrogance and encouraging them to study and learn.

The balanced comprehensive development of the basic physical characteristics and the upgrading of the player’s health status through training or the necessary instructions.
Learn the players and master the motor skills in football necessary to reach the highest possible sporting level through individual skills to cover defenders.
Learn and master the tactical abilities of competing in football by instilling within the players the tactical spirit and how to apply the coaches’ advice on the field.

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