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Schools Program

Schools Program

Schools Program

ESA has been involve and coping well  wih four international schools in SIngapore :


Euro Soccer Academy coaches focus on development while maintaining a healthy balance between sports and school academics. These student athletes gain positive life-time behaviors such as:

Fair play

  • Treating teammates and competitors with respect
  • Abiding by the rules of the game
  • Team building and camaraderie

Lesson Plan
The game of soccer can be broken down into nine simple categories of development which encompass every aspect of the game — passing, ball control, dribbling, shooting, individual and collective defending, heading, crossing and goalkeeping.

Euro Soccer Academy delivers a complete elementary school activity program that provides students the opportunity to learn basic soccer skills in a series of fun-based activities and small-sided games.

Schools Program Features

  • Technical—individual and functional/position-specific skills training
  • Tactics—Individual awareness, small and large group tactics
  • Physical—Soccer-specific strength, speed, and endurance development as well as nutrition education
  • Psychological—Relationship development and mental conditioning, life skills

Our goal is to provide an environment where learning is fun, and where learning is expected of everyone. Indeed, more learning creates more fun! .   We are committed to providing the instruction and support to give our players the best opportunity to reach their potential, regardless of age or level.